Teeth Collective

Based on the ‘London Look’.

We were asked to create an identity for a design studio, but also to research how a design studio functions. We wanted the studio to reflect our desire to get our teeth into new projects and also aim to offer a unique and innovative experience. Quirkiness was what set our work apart, being bold and yet with a sense of humor added to it. Once we had developed our story, we set out to develop the visual brand and create a manifesto. This manifesto served as a guide to the studio, showcasing our design philosophies, our work, how we aim to manage the studio and the style guide of the brand.

Billy Blue


Graphic Design
Editorial Design

The Brand

The word mark aims to capture the essence of the studio, stylish, well considered and unique. Part of Teeth’s philosophy is to evoke thoughts and emotion through even the simplest ideas, the branding does just that. The secondary language the brand will be comprised of small illustrations of teeth that will be subtly dotted around the brand mark.