Kosimo Grotesque

 typeface that takes a look back

During my time at college I was able to study the anatomy of letter forms and with this, create a typeface. I was influenced by old style type faces and modern San Serifs. I decided to then experiment with creating a hybrid between the two styles.

Inspired by blackletter and geometric typeface, I wanted to create a hybrid of the two. The end resulted in a typeface that seems to possess both geometric and humanistic strokes. I studied the anatomy of different glyphs and experimented quite a bit with shapes. As it was based off of early broad nibbed typefaces, I added small flicks and wavy lines. For the geometric aspect, they can be seen in the capital letters as well as some of the counters.

I named the typeface after a man who helped form the Renaissance, Cosimo Medici. As an extra piece, I drew the famous ‘Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore’ that is in Florence, Italy. This building seemed to be perfect as it had a geometric architecture. Yet dotted around were artworks which brought back a human feel to it.

Billy Blue (College Assignment)


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