Exploring A Honey Bee’s Life

This was an open brief to design a document that focuses on milestones. It would present the achievements and the challenges of the chosen subject. My answer to this brief was to focus on the Honey Bee as it is a vital player, not only in nature, but also in our society. This project aims to shed new light on this feared, yet unknown creature.

I chose to focus on the life of a Honey Bee, as there has been a lot of concern around them recently. The aim was to tell a story with this book, but also to inform the audience. Every little detail was considered in the creation of this book. Since this document had an environmental focus, the chosen paper was 100% recycled and was bound with thread coated in beeswax. The typefaces chosen for this project were Century Gothic and Caslon Pro.
This was to reference not only their structured society, but also their age and maturity. For the illustrations dotted around, a mix of stippling and cross-hatching techniques were used. Everything else had a minimalistic look to it. This made the detailed illustrations really pop from the page.

Each chapter presents a milestone that a Honey Bee will go through in her life. This is then followed by factual information to allow for a more in-depth understanding of the specimen. Since this was aimed at a visually articulate audience, I wanted to experiment with the typography telling the story. Letter forms and punctuation were considered and how they could reinforce the story.

ISTD and Billy Blue (College Assignment)


Graphic Design
Editorial Design

Something for the Audience

During the research and the writing of this book, there was one thing that kept on popping up. It was the Honey Bee’s diet. Modern agriculture allows for vast fields of a single crop. This in turn presents a lack of variety in their diet, which is unhealthy. In Australia the climate does not change so much as it does in other parts of the world. Which allows for certain plants to bloom during the winter months, that got me thinking. So as an addition, seed packets for plants of each season were included. As this book aims to give back it allows users to begin a garden of their own and helping out any local Bees.