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A taste of Art

Art money is a new scheme developed by The City of Sydney and 10 Group to make art works more available to the public. This loan would be offered at selected galleries around Sydney. We were tasked to create a campaign making it a little more interesting than just another loan. The key message the client wanted to convey was accessibility. We looked to one of the best examples out there for accessibility, fast food. We then used this, overlapping the loan process with how easy it is to order fast food.

This campaign was multifaceted using all available outlets. For instance we wanted to run a small campaign by means of social media, inviting people to create their own ‘art puns’. Getting the audience involved, adding a fun reminder of the campaign. The key to this campaign was easy accessibility. While posters and social media would work, we wanted to make something that would have the target audience react and get them involved for the ride. We thought it would be an interesting experiment to make art as available as a can of coke. There would be a vending machine with prints of artworks available. The artworks would be based on a particular gallery and what works would be available. On the back of these prints the audience would get directions to the participating gallery and were to find out more.

We also utilised the radio as a means to spread this campaign. It was a way to inform the public. What made this radio ad different however is the way it was executed. Something that is unheard of on radio is the sound of chewing. So naturally we used in our ad. A female voice would inform the user in more detail about the loan as she would be eating. As a final touch point, we needed a way to engage with the audience once they reach the gallery. We felt that there needed to be a physical document that the audience could refer to once they are the gallery. So we decided to place a menu like device in the gallery. It would contain all the important information relating to the scheme, answering most, if not all of the audiences questions.

City of Sydney & 10Group


Graphic Design

Felix Källström
Pontus Landelius
William Wallgren
Kieran Mistry